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The travel industry is data-intensive, with massive data generated at every touch point. From the moment a customer registers at an online booking portal, he creates a wealth of data – customer profile, travel preferences, flight paths, hotel bookings, destinations and more. When such information is combined with external data like social media, huge insights are obtained.
Ivolv creates a unified view of travel data for reporting, analysis and forecasting. Insights are offered in real-time through dashboards, for immediate analysis, pricing or upsell decisions. Analytics and data mining build a complete customer profile, for strategies that contribute to business growth. Ivolv has the relevant experience and capability to effectively mine multiple streams of data across organisations and OTAs to integrate and interpret that data instantaneously. With its innovation solutions, Ivolv helps the Travel Industry notch higher revenues and increased efficiency in day-to-day operations.

Innovative solutions

Use cases

Use the power of analytics to drive customer satisfaction and marketing strategies.
  • Deliver data mining and analytical insights.
  • Use data-driven insights to influence customer experience.
  • Measure the effectiveness of customer initiatives.
  • Build visual, dynamic dashboards, for automated alerts and ad hoc analytics solutions.
  • Apply predictive analytics to understand online behaviour of customers (in B2C) and travel agents (in B2B), to predict profitable sectors in a shoulder season, consumer trends in the next quarter, establish differential pricing and so on.
  • Design, and deliver high impact customer engagement for a longer customer life-cycle.
As travel and hospitality is service-driven, data-driven insights have a powerful role in service delivery. Using KPIs related to customer transactions, and channels of touch points, customer profiling is done for deep Customer Insights. Dashboard reporting helps businesses to streamline marketing processes and optimise marketing investments in real-time. This enables to drive pricing strategies in an ever-changing market for Competitive Marketing. Insights power real-time decision-making for adapting to changing markets and better Resource Management, Tracking of Resource and Assets, and Improved Service Delivery.
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