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Transportation & logistics
The Transportation and Logistics Industry is served by various industry segments like airlines, airports, railways, cruising and freight logistics. What is common to all segments is the logistics management that ensures seamless delivery of assets and freight. Transportation and Logistics provides supply chain visibility across orders, shipments, and global inventories for operational efficiencies and savings. With increase in passenger traffic and an explosion of data and devices across a dynamic IoT network, the need for real-time or near real-time insights for timely decision making is critical to business performance.
Ivolv is redefining the way analytics is deployed in Transportation & Logistics. Its customised solutions use a vast range of inputs to compute supply chain metrics that help business users plan their logistics operations more effectively. Dashboards offer scalability and visibility for a collaborative BI in the cloud. Data from multiple devices, channels and assets, are crunched for safe and secure transportation, real-time route optimisation and collaboration between the various stakeholders.

Innovative solutions

Use cases

Use the power of analytics to drive efficiencies in supply-chain, logistics and route planning.
  • Deliver analytical insights powered by a BI dashboard.
  • Use data-driven insights to manage operations.
  • Measure the effectiveness of routes, operations and asset management.
  • Build visual, dynamic dashboards, for automated alerts and ad hoc analytics solutions.
  • Apply predictive analytics from internal and external data to predict best routes in say hurricane weather, predict resource consumption, improve warehouse operations, and so on.
  • Design, and deliver high impact seamless logistics for optimised performance and transport.
As travel and hospitality is service-driven, data-driven insights have a powerful role in service delivery. Using KPIs related to customer transactions, and channels of touch points, customer profiling is done for deep Customer Insights. Dashboard reporting helps businesses to streamline marketing processes and optimise marketing investments in real-time. This enables to drive pricing strategies in an ever-changing market for Competitive Marketing. Insights power real-time decision-making for adapting to changing markets and better Resource Management, Tracking of Resource and Assets, and Improved Service Delivery.
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