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Insurance companies are relying more and more on data for competitive advantage. Businesses are in a continuous state of flux, driven by unstable and transient economic and market factors. A constantly shifting regulatory climate and an unpredictable customer population, is driving uncertainties within the business. It is more important than ever that data-driven tools be used to factor uncertainties and risks, for devising premiums and designing policies. Moreover, insurers need to deliver optimal communications to customers, agents, and regulators alike and comply with mandatory regulations.

At Ivolv, we serve as strategic partner to consult, provide the right tools and deliver analytics services to manage risk, loss, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. We help companies use data-driven tools and techniques in every aspect of their operations to manage, retain and attract more customers.

Innovative solutions

Use cases

Use the power of analytics to drive customer satisfaction and marketing strategies.
  • Deliver data mining and analytical insights.
  • Use data-driven insights to influence customer experience.
  • Measure the effectiveness of customer initiatives.
  • Build visual, dynamic dashboards, for automated alerts and ad hoc analytics solutions.
  • Apply predictive analytics to understand online behaviour of customers (in B2C) and travel agents (in B2B), to predict profitable sectors in a shoulder season, consumer trends in the next quarter, establish differential pricing and so on.
  • Design, and deliver high impact customer engagement for a longer customer life-cycle.
More and more data sources, such as telematics, sensors, government, customer interactions and social media, are creating huge data. Analytics based technologies are used to determine risk, claims and enhance customer experience, for higher predictive accuracy.

From building personalised offers based on customer behaviour to offering innovative services, insurance companies are driving data technologies for enhanced customer experience. Customer insights are also used to shape customer policies and solve problems in real-time for a trusted customer engagement.

Data mining techniques are used to prioritise and determine policy administration like daily adjustments to premium rates, strategies, and underwriting limits. Combining internal data of customers, policies and regulations, with external data like social media and news; helps to optimise insurer finance and payouts.
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