Products - IIVOS PaaS: Insurance Managed Service
Insurance Managed Service
Delicated Managed Service ProductWriter® Users

The IIVOS PaaS is a dedicated managed service for General Insurance users of ProductWriter®. This cloud platform enables ProductWriter® with sophisticated product definition tools and a high-performance rating engine. Price of insurance products can be easily calculated, and associated terms and conditions devised based on given variables and detailed risk analysis.
IIVOS PaaS brings ProductWriter® all the benefits of the cloud, while allowing your staff to access up-to-date information on-the-go regardless of device type. New dictionaries and applications versions can be uploaded as soon as they are available, freeing your staff from admin tasks to concentrate on defining and refining your products. IPaaS is hosted at a dedicated data centre, monitored 24/7, and accessed via a two-step authentication process.

As IIVOS IPaaS is a managed service, there is no need to worry about the hardware performance. Additionally, access to different versions of ProductWriter® is provided, using the same device through different browser sessions.
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