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Insurance Analytics Suite
IIVOS is our Analytics Suite for Insurance Providers. It enables agents and brokers to customise dashboard views of claims, customer information, policies, sales, accounts, billing, and marketing data. This allows insurance companies to better communicate with agents, and enables agents to focus on improving service and growing revenue. With IIVOS Analytics Suite, insurers can predict and anticipate customer trends, identify new opportunities, recommend products and policies, and predict customer churn.
IIVOS does the following:

  • Views client portfolios and commissions online through personalized dashboards and scorecards, to better understand and assess real-time policies, claims, and account status.
  • Uses available data for predictive analysis modelling; including customer aggregation, profitability projection, and demographic trending.
  • Creates and automates marketing strategies of target customer segments.
  • Minimises risk and detects new opportunities in a changing environment.
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