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Data Science Services
At Ivolv Technologies, we deliver a wide range of customised analytics services for centralised analytics teams or individual business operations. Exceptional and deep analytics on-the-go has the ability to transform a business. We help you glean actionable insights from your data, and power your business with easy-to-implement and measurable deliverables. Thus we transform businesses through data-driven rich insights, pruning the excess and redundant data and helping find more relevant intelligent data.

  • Big data analytics and visualisation
  • Data consulting
  • Data transformation
  • Data management
  • Data analytics
  • Data visualisation
  • Customer intelligence
DataOps Methodology
At Ivolv, we employ DataOps, to rapidly deliver a unified data platform that supports agility, enables and accelerates integration of operations and analytics. Focussing on an agile approach, DataOps supports collaboration and automation between the data scientists, engineers, operations and IT teams. DataOps promotes continuous model deployment, repeatability, productivity gains and self service as it significantly improves the overall security, goverance and quality of data analytics.
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