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Banks & Financial
Banks and Financial Services firms have recognised their most valuable asset, data. They are keen to leverage the power of data for smarter, faster and accurate decisions. Big Data and analytics are creating unique opportunities of insight and innovation across the entire spectrum of financial services. Companies are able to provide unique customer experiences and secure access to their account data—anytime, anywhere, on any device.

At Ivolv, we serve as a strategic partner to consult, provide the right tools and deliver analytics services to manage risk, loss, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. We help companies use data-driven tools and techniques in every aspect of their operations to manage, retain and attract more customers.
Innovative solutions
Use cases
Use the power of analytics to drive customer satisfaction, while reducing costs.
  • Deliver data mining and analytical insights.
  • Use data-driven insights to influence customer experience.
  • Measure the effectiveness of customer initiatives.
  • Build visual, dynamic web/mobile portals, personalized dashboards and ad hoc analytics s lutions for an integrated experience. For instance, multi-account spending analysis for card holders and personal spending views.
  • Provide merchants and card holder customers with interactive payments, dispute and transaction
  • trend reporting, account and portfolio analysis tools.
  • Design, store, process and deliver high volume customer communications, including statements and tailored offers.
Analytics solutions and models based on predictive analytics enable Detection and Prevention of Fraud. Data from multiple sources like shopping patterns and historical transactions, is computed to detect fraud in real-time. The analytics system devised implements immediate actions to stop the fraud before it occurs, such as blocking irregular transactions.

Predictive analytics is used for Risk Modelling to identify potential trends and areas of risk. Customer data is crunched to discern hard-to- detect patterns for risk identification. Real-time risk assessment allows to spot fraudsters before they can run up thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges.

Other functional areas served are Anti-money Laundering, Regulatory Compliance and Reporting, and Customer Intelligence.