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Asset Management Analytics Suite
IIVOS is our Analytics Suite for Insurance Providers. It enables agents and brokers to customise dashboard views of claims, customer information, policies, sales, accounts, billing, and marketing data. This allows insurance companies to better communicate with agents, and enables agents to focus on improving service and growing revenue. With IIVOS Analytics Suite, insurers can predict and anticipate customer trends, identify new opportunities, recommend products and policies, and predict customer churn.
AMIVOS provides investment firms with:

  • Sophisticated predictive analytics solutions for insights into customer behaviour. This ensures higher customer loyalty and higher investments.
  • Clear visibility of operations, supports regulatory compliance and in turn market confidence.
  • The ability to design, process, store and deliver intelligent, personalised customer recommendations.
  • Cutting-edge analytics and timely financial data to engage with customers and partners in real-time.
  • Speeds development and increases adaptability, with flexible open-source technology.
  • Integrates disparate data from multiple systems to deliver real-time information to
IIVOS: Insurance Analytics Suite
IIVOS PaaS: Insurance Managed Service